Call Back Service

Callback is a very popular service in many countries of the world because it doesn’t require any investment in a hardware, can be used with any existing phones (both landline and mobile) and can be activated within minutes. Nergy Telecom is one of the leading players on the telecom markets in number of regions enabling its partners to provide various callback services in their home countries.

There are several alternatives to provide callback services

Using a dedicated trigger number scenario (Nergy Telecom calls this service “Callback with dedicated trigger number”)

This service can be provided in any county worldwide. Every account is assigned its own dedicated trigger number. The callback number of the customer should be entered to the platform by the agent manually.

How does Call...

Predictive Dialer for Generating Valuable Leads

The predictive dialer is a usually an application which is web based, it also has the ability to dial a large number of list of mobile phone numbers. It goes on checking which agents are available and are not busy in other calls. It will connects the calls to these available agents those are free.

So when there is no predictive dialer then the introduction of predictive dialers are made so before that, we had auto dialers commonly used and available in the market. An auto dialer is a computer software or an electronic device which is programmed to dial a random phone numbersand soon the call is picked up, it transfers it to an idle agent and if the case of no idle agent, it plays a recorded message until one is available...